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Events, Classes and Consultations offered virtual with Zoom, & Live video. Or In-Person, out of my home, at your beach house rental, on the pool deck, or on the beach.

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1) Integrative Health Practitioner consultations.

2) Spa Retreats: Yoga-Meditation-Plant Medicine Retreats, (Choose from 1 day,
3 day, 5 day, or 15 day Retreats/Trainings; with salt mineral bath, whirlpool jacuzzi, gulf ocean, massage, & herbal organ cleansing).

3) Photography services.

4) 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training/Certification.

5) (Reiki Master) Energy Healer Practitioner Certification,

6) Yoga Vinyasa -Yoga Therapy Classes.

7) Himilayan Mantra Meditation Classes, (to cut your karma (when you cut your karma you will get Health, Wealth, and Prosperity. Every meditation is a realizing process with sending messages to the universal to manifest your goals).

8) Purchase Cacao chocolate Truffles (w/ dry fruit& herbs).

9) Energy Healing Sessions w/Angel.


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​​​Spiritual Life Coaching, Customized Wellness Program Consultations for Vibrant Health, along with Ayurveda, Plant Medicine, Homeopathy, Yoga Vinyasa, Yoga Therapy, Energy Healings & Photography.