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​​​200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Professor Angel Wild, Certified 500 hour Yoga Teacher Trainer, founder of Yoga Club Nationwide and the 200 hour Sarvani Santosha Yoga Teacher Training Certification. Angel Wild has certified 1000's of students as Yoga Teachers. The training is registered through Yoga Alliance. In addition to the training you will learn Yoga Nidra, Vinyasa Yoga, the science of Meditation-Yoga, Experience Spiritual Life coaching, herbs-cacao ceremony & silent disco dance.

Be certified to teach yoga at gyms, resorts, colleges, spas and yoga studios. This training includes the many different styles and forms of yoga along with detailed instruction on the asanas (poses) to assist with healing particular areas of the body. during the programs you will be in close contact with adept yogi's.

Throughout the program each moment is lived with awareness, bringing about growth and transformation.

The course will give you a solid foundation and enough knowledge of Yoga for a lifetime of practice and the skills necessary to pass these teachings on to others.

Guest Teachers: A Yogi, will provide a course VIRTUALLY as part of these upcoming 200 hr Yoga Teacher Trainings. It is an OPTIONAL course. He will give the experience of the 3rd eye activation Meditation.  The 3rd eye activation is an ancient meditation...in that you may get an experience that you had not gotten till now. Past life bad karma and present life karma can be cut (eliminated ) and then you can make your life healthier and more successful. (It is Spiritual Life Management through meditation practices......and these services are OPTIONAL for students).

​Many sages, yogis and the priesthood have been guarding the secrets of the spiritual vision that lies dormant in every human being. This vision can help us to create awareness and understanding for sub-conscious signals as well as the more subtle energies that surround us. If you would like to understand yourself and the world better, re-gain the curiosity and love for life that you had as a child or go the next step on your inner journey, this course is for you. (A 50 day meditation course practice-which includes information on the chakras and their mapping to brain regions & information about what the 3rd eye is).

OTHER GUEST TEACHERS:  Fire Technology to Materializes Desires, A Yogi, will provide a course VIRTUALLY, as part of these upcoming 200 hr Yoga Teacher Trainings. This is an OPTIONAL course.  A Fire is a powerful manifesting strategy, in manifesting dreams-goals. The clearer and stronger the thoughts or prayers are, the more powerful the Fire effects are said to be. The Fire is designed to quickly materialize formless thoughts, mantras, prayers into tangible circumstances, experiences, and objects.

Uses of fire to manifest:

​Dissolve old thought patterns that create problems,
Manifest Luxury living with life style full of superiority and prosperity,
Create inner-outer individual healing and glowing liveliness,
Acquire protection from negative forces that prevent manifestation,
Access Divine intervention at the most powerful times for all-around life success.


An Astrologer, will provide a course VIRTUALLY, as part of these upcoming 200 hr Yoga Teacher Trainings. This is an OPTIONAL course. During Fire Manifestation Prayers- Your name and birthstar will be printed and placed into the fire by a Master Astrologer and Yogi during each Fire. This is a powerful technique to have your prayers sent to the divine.  Fire manifestation prayers are performed during special cosmic astrological alignments related to desired results.

Other Teachings: Plant Medicine to Cleanse each organ

Optional Information and Activities during Spa Retreats & Yoga-Meditation Trainings-

1) Surfing, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Gulf Beach Anna Maria Island offered on one weekday morning during the teacher trainings or retreats.

2) Cacao Ceremony, and Silent disco dancing offered on Sunday evenings.

3) Daily Vegetarian meal

Sarvani Santosha Yoga means contentment given to us by the universe. In other words, it is a sense of contentment in every aspect of our life: (The universe always delivers. It is good to feel good. There is more than enough to go around. Have fun along the way, Lift the veil, Invisible guidance Is available to you, Do less and Attract more, Taking spiritually aligned action. Appreciate and Appreciate more, Let the universe catch up with your dreams, and unwavering faith in the Universe).

Sarvani Santohsa Yoga incorporates many forms of yoga including 50 asana postures, sun salutations & pranayama (including yoga styles that Angel Wild has studied & practiced....such as kripalu, Iyengar, ashtanga, hot yoga, sampoorna-sivananda asanas, john baptiste power yoga, kundalini yoga, prana kriyas & sanskrit terminology), and more (Anatomy & body systems, mantra & japa yoga, vedanta philosophy, karma-reincarnation, meditation and energy including astral body - nadis- chakras & mudras, Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Nada Yoga, Karma Yoga, History & philosophy - readings of Yoga Sutras & Bhagavad Gita, Yogic Diet, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, working with medical ailments and prenatal or postnatal students). The 200 hour program includes student teaching & hands on experience, and the study of sequencing postures.

Training includes information about how to lessen or cut karma, and Spiritual Life Management to create happiness and success.

200 hr Sarvani Santosha Yoga Teacher Training- Through the practices of Yoga, the organs, muscles, ligaments, & nerves become energized, purified, toned, & strengthened. One develops an awareness of the inner intelligence-energy orchestrating the body into each pose & you start to realize that what we normally call intelligence is just a small part of a bigger intelligence at work in the whole universe. Then you feel connected to the universe & completely taken care of. Angel’s intention is to inspire contentment through Yoga as a healing modality.  She provides a peaceful setting with music or candles to help one to focus on the natural state within. Students can learn and practice yoga at every level of competency. Throughout each session, Angel explains the poses and the reason for the asana and its practice. Individual instruction is given when needed so the student gets the full benefit of each pose. Sarvani Santosha means Universal Contentment. Students become inspired with contentment! 

Yoga, Meditation, or Pilates Teacher Training Certification (Virtual) or Spa Retreat Teacher Training (In Person).

Yoga Teacher Training with Angel Wild, ERYT, YTT,

Angel is the Director of the 200hr Santosha Yoga Teacher Training School through Yoga Alliance where she certifies students as Yoga teachers. She has been practicing Meditation and Yoga since age 7.  She has studied with renown Shiva Rea in Vinyasa and studied with renown Manu Jois in Ashtanga. She has taught at various colleges, resorts, gyms, community centers, and Yoga studios in Arizona, Oregon, CT, and FL. Angel continues to further her studies in Iyengar yoga, Intermediate-Advanced Yoga Flow Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and in Yoga philosophy. She loves teaching students of All Ages and All Levels.  Angel also offers HIIT Yoga, and Meditation lessons.  She has studied many Yogic Philosophies and Lineages. She brings a wealth of knowledge and love to her yoga and meditation classes. She offers herself in service to the upliftment of humanity in peace through yoga. 

200 hour Sarvani Santosha Vinyasa Yoga-Meditation Teacher Training Application 

The course is taught by English speakers and it is advised that participants have a reasonable knowledge of English. 

This virtual training will be held simultaneously with the residential 200-hour Sarvani Santosha Yoga Teacher Training Course occurring in FL & Mass. Each day, you will join the yoga community (Yoga Club Nationwide) remotely using Zoom and follow the same schedule (see below). 

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